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Our Missionary Activities 

Make it a VACATION with a VOCATION this Holiday season.

Spend your Christmas Holiday on a Mission Field and experience first-hand, the exigencies and exciting thrills of a Front line Missionary on the mission field. 

Be a part of what God is doing among Unreached People Groups of Africa as you join us to contribute your quota to world evangelization and - in the process - store up for yourself, TREASURES in the Bank of Heaven where neither moth nor rust nor economic meltdown can destroy.

Partner us in executing this divine End-Time Gospel Project.

Looking forward with Calvary joy to seeing you getting involved.


We continue to address the health needs of underprivileged children & women through our Mission Field Medical Evangelism. We also set up Medical Centers on our Mission Fields to carter for the health needs of both our front-line missionaries and the local communities.

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. In line with this saying, we embark on Mission Field Projects such as provision of portable water for our host communities in order to prevent water borne diseases like typhoid and guinea worm. 

Please join us to pray for volunteer doctors, nurses and other paramedics who will assist us in this Divine End-Time Mandate. 

Missionary Kids Education Project
Missionary Kids Education Project


A missionary on the mission field is like a soldier on the battle field. Without adequate supply of armor and ammunition he will succumb to the superior fire-power of the enemy.
It is, therefore, a grievous error that children of missionaries, INSTEAD of being at school, go rat hunting on the mission fields - not because they hate education but for the simple and painful fact that the schools are either not available or not affordable.
This is happening in a situation where the Church, the major stakeholder in the missions enterprise is wasting her stupendous financial resources in erecting monuments - cathedrals and towers of Babel - which have no eternal value or returns on investment.
The Church of Christ which, unfortunately, has become the sleeping giant should be roused from her slumber and open her eyes to her enormous responsibility in world missions. I hope she wakes up soon enough.
However as she snores, I challenge you, child of God: Come to the aid of these hapless children. Your contribution, TODAY, as a Willing Missions Partner (WMP) of Afrika4Jesus, can provide the much needed armor for these missionaries and place their children in school.
Willing to become a Willing Missions Partner (WMP)?
Willing to be a part of what God is doing among Unreached People Groups of Africa?Our Missionary Kids Education Project organizes classroom teachings, workshops & meetups to educate both missionary children and the host community about nutrition, hygiene and, in the process, bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
We crave your support to provide the necessary classrooms, teachers' stipends and teaching aids.